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NFDA Music License

As an IFDA member, you can purchase your music license from NFDA. You won't find a lower rate anywhere! 

The music license that NFDA has offered for over 20 years covers the performance of music (live or recorded) that is played at any funeral service, whether at the funeral home or at another facility as long as it is performed in connection with some type of funeral or memorial service or ceremony.

While the music license covers performance, a different license is required for a funeral home to broadcast musical performances over the internet. Funeral homes that offer funeral webcasting services are violating copyright laws when they broadcast over the internet any funeral services that contain copyrighted music.

NFDA has finalized agreements with BMI, ASCAP and SESAC to offer the only group webcasting license available to funeral homes in the market, enabling you to legally broadcast funeral services that include copyrighted music over the Internet.

Visit NFDA to download the application.

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