Associate Membership

IFDA Associate Members comprise the funeral service profession's suppliers, providers, and product manufacturers. They support the industry in many different capacities and are a vital component of the association.

Joining IFDA is an opportunity to network and spotlight the products and services you provide to funeral directors and embalmers, learn more about the profession, and help promote a positive economic and regulatory environment for funeral service and related businesses.

The IFDA Annual Convention, educational seminars, the online community, the IFDA website, advertising opportunities, and social media are some of the ways that being an Associate Member provides relationship-building opportunities.

Through IFDA Associate Membership, you'll be able to network with existing customers and connect with new ones. Continue reading below for more details on the benefits of joining IFDA! Ready to sign up? If you have any questions, please contact Ashli Turner


Gaining access to your audience is essential to the success of building awareness about your brand. Increase your connections and heighten your company's visibility through mutually beneficial relationships. IFDA provides several opportunities for you to engage and connect with members.

  • IFDA's Annual Convention is held every year and attracts the largest group of funeral home owners, funeral directors, embalmers, students, and licensed interns in the state.
  • Associate Members are invited to attend IFDA's specialized meetings, drawing crowds from the dozens to the hundreds. Regional seminars are typically held in the spring and fall, and specialized seminars on specific topic are held intermittently throughout the state.
  • Interact with key industry executives at IFDA events aimed at addressing the industry's most timely issues.
  • Your company will receive priority access to the Annual Convention Prospectus two weeks prior to everybody else, allowing for optimal booth placement.


An Associate Membership provides your company the discounts it needs to take advantage of the opportunities and services that IFDA provides.

  • Member rates at all IFDA programs for owners and employees.
  • 10% Discount on booth spaces at IFDA Annual Convention.
  • 10% Discount on Annual Convention advertising in registration guide and program guide.
  • 10% Discount on Sponsorship Opportunities.
  • Access to IFDA Preferred Providers and other discounts available to IFDA members.


Increase your firm's visibility through associate membership. When you become an IFDA Associate Member, you gain unparalleled visibility in the funeral care profession.

  • Your firm is prominently listed in our online member directory.
  • Your firm is provided with special signage and badges at IFDA events.
  • Receive increased visibility and credibility by using IFDA's distinctive Membership Logo to tout your company's membership status in advertising and marketing materials, such as websites, brochures, and stationary.
  • Influence and advance the work of the association and profession by serving on a committee. Employees licensed as a funeral director and/or embalmer are eligible to participate on IFDA committees and task forces.
  • Authorship opportunities exist for Associate Members in the eNews Bulletin. Share your expertise while gaining valuable exposure.
  • Eligible to provide exclusive sponsorship to seminars, webinars, and other IFDA or CE events.


As an associate member, you are provided with a wealth of access and timely information keeping you up-to-date on the tremendous change occurring in the industry. You'll receive up-to-date directories, newsletters, and notices about regulatory changes and updates.

  • Access to IFDA's Membership Directory.
  • As an Associate Member, you'll have ready access to IFDA's staff specialists who track and analyze current industry issues, and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Eligible to apply to be an IFDA Preferred Provider, a mutually beneficial agreement between IFDA and the Associate Member to provide provide special benefits to IFDA members.
  • Your firm's designated employees will receive the eNewsletter, our electronic monthly newsletter that provides info on legal, legislative, and industry updates, as well as CE opportunities, upcoming events, classified ads, and membership
  • information.
  • If critical information arises that our members need to know about, you will receive a Special Alert via email.
  • Designated employees will receive a notification upon the death of an IFDA member or a member of their immediate family, an employee of an IFDA member funeral home, a retired former IFDA member, or a funeral service supplier.
  • As an Associate Member, you have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation with your government leaders and raise awareness about the importance of funeral care by joining us in our legislative efforts.
  • Access to IFDA online insurance exchange for health, life, dental, and other insurance plans.
  • Access to all members-only sections of the IFDA website.