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Embalming and Renal Failure: A Silent Danger for Embalmers

By Jzyk S. Ennis, Ph.D.:

Diseases of the kidney are in the top ten causes of death in the United States. Difficulties from renal failure can severely affect the embalming process and an unacceptable outcome may result. This failure may cause emotional harm to grieving families. After graduation from an accredited funeral service education program, very few resources exist for continuing education in the embalming of kidney disease/renal failure cases. This book breaks that silence. Kidney disease, renal failure, and dialysis are explored in the early chapters of the text. After understanding the disease, examinations are made of existing standards of care for embalming renal failure cases. Finally, suggested protocols are outlined and expert embalmers from around the United States offer personal suggestions for successful embalming of renal failure cases. This is a useful guide for all levels of embalmers.



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